Tactical First Aid Kit

Tactical First Aid Kit

Crucial components usually included in tactical first aid kits are combat gauze, tourniquets, pressure dressings, NAR trauma shears, and glove kits. These kits are designed to be used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as individuals who want to be prepared for emergencies in their daily lives.



A tactical first aid kit is a compact and portable medical kit designed for use in situations where immediate medical attention is needed in a tactical or combat environment. These kits typically include essential medical supplies for treating injuries such as gunshot wounds, severe bleeding, fractures, and other trauma-related injuries.

The contents of a tactical first aid kit may vary depending on the specific needs of the situation, but some common items may include:

ItemProduct NameSpecificationQty
1Tourniquet C-A-T110*3500mm1
2Israeli Battle Bandages4 Inches1
3Chest Seal Vented/1
4Kaolin Hemostatic Gauze7.5cm*3.7m1
5Burn Gel Dressing100mm*100mm1
6Burn Dressing400mm*600mm1
7Nasopharyngeal airway with lubricat7.0mm1
8Compressed Gauze4.5’’*4.11
9Emergency Blanket160*210cm1
10Nitrile gloves/2
12I.V.CATHETER14g Pen-like1
13Marker Pen/1
14Trauma tape/1
15Medical Skin Adhesive for Wound1ml/2ml1

Medical Skin Adhesive for Wound

It’s worth noting that while tactical first aid kits are designed for use in tactical or combat situations, they can also be useful in other emergency situations, such as natural disasters, car accidents, or other incidents where medical assistance may be needed quickly.

When selecting a tactical first aid kit, it’s important to choose one that fits your specific needs and situation. There are many different types of kits available, ranging from basic kits designed for individual use to more comprehensive kits designed for use by medical professionals. Please tell us your specific application, we will recommend the most suitable one for you.

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