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Zhejiang Perfectseal New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medical products, We have expertise in making good quality products at very competitive prices in the world. Our main products are PerfectSeal tissue adhesive, vet bond tissue glue, hemostatic dressing, syringes, first aid kits, face masks, etc.

PerfectSeal is the first manufacturer in China to obtain the CE certificate for tissue glue. PerfectSeal also has GMP, FDA, ISO13485, and some patent certificates. We have a professional testing laboratory, advanced testing equipment, and a skillful and experienced team, in every aspect of management and production, the quality management standards of medical devices are strictly adhered to to ensure the provision of quality products and services to serve our clients and fulfill their needs and requirements.

PerfectSeal’s business philosophy is to minimize your risk while enhancing your profitability. We relentlessly endeavor to develop new innovations without compromising our unparalleled standards. With each new product we introduce, we take intensive measures in development and testing to outperform current industry standards. Because of our extensive research and development, we’re able to customize tissue adhesive and other medical products solutions to exceed your most demanding

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