Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing

Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing

Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing is a medical product used for controlling bleeding. It is made of a special type of clay called kaolin, which helps to promote blood clotting when it comes into contact with blood.


PerfectSeal Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing, like QuikClot Combat Gauze, provides a bleeding control system that addresses bleeding scenarios from abrasions to traumatic injuries. Its proprietary hemostatic technology consists of a non-woven material impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral. When the gauze comes into contact with blood, the kaolin particles activate clotting factors in the blood, which leads to the formation of a clot at the site of the injury. This helps to stop bleeding and promote healing.

This bleeding control solution creates a robust clot to control bleeding fast potentially giving you more time to attend to other tasks as you move patients through the continuum of care.
The PerfectSeal Bleeding Control System offers hemostatic products that can be used to control bleeding in the military, prehospital, and hospital settings. This technology has a long history of success.


It started being used in the military on the battlefield and has been the department of defense hemostatic dressing of choice since 2008.5.20 Over the years, the use of the Kaolin technology has expanded into law enforcement, EMS & Fire Rescue, and Hospital settings. For faster bleeding control.


PerfectSeal Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing is indicated for temporary control of internal organ space bleeding for patients displaying severe bleeding (class III or class IV). It may also be used to control bleeding in situations where traditional methods like pressure and sutures are not effective, such as in cases of severe trauma or during surgery.


Z Fold Combat Gauze Hemostatic Dressing Features:

  • Vacuum-sealed, compact, cube-sized packaging and eight tear points expedite access to dressing for quicker application
  • Contains an X-ray-detectable strip for easy identification
  • Ensure the biological safety
  • Effective for massive bleeding control
  • No acute systemic toxicity, No hemolysis, No pyrogen
  • No cytotoxicity; No delayed hypersensitivity; No intradermal stimulation


How to use z-fold combat gauze hemostatic dressing:

1. Open the package and remove the Combat Gauze. Keep the empty package.

2. Pack combat gauze into the wound and use it to apply pressure directly over the bleeding source. (More than one Combat Gauze may be required).

3. Continue to apply pressure for 3 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

4. Wrap and tie the bandage to maintain pressure. Seek medical care immediately. Show product removal directions on the package to medical personnel.


How to remove z-fold combat gauze hemostatic dressing:

1. The dressing may be left in place for up to 24 hours. Gently remove gauze from the wound. If the dressing is difficult to remove, hydrate with sterile saline.

2. Thoroughly irrigate the wound to remove kaolin that may be released from the dressing.

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