Military Blood Clotting Powder

Military Blood Clotting Powder

Military Blood Clotting Powder is a natural hemostatic agent made of chitosan materials. When applied to the wound surface, this chitosan hemostatic powder can quickly combine with platelets and red blood cells in the blood to form a solid coagulation body, thereby effectively stopping bleeding.


Military Blood Clotting Powder is a type of hemostatic dressing made from chitosan, that is extracted from shrimp shells and has been found to have hemostatic properties and can stop severe bleeding fast.


When military blood clotting powder is applied to a wound, it can by adhering to the surface of the wound and forming a gel-like barrier that Stops bleeding in smaller wounds within seconds and controls mild and potentially life-threatening arterial bleeding within minutes. The powder can be applied directly to the wound, it can be mixed with a saline solution to form a paste that can be spread over the wound.

This chitosan hemostatic powder is often used in emergency situations or in surgeries where bleeding is a concern, as it can quickly and effectively help to stop bleeding. It is also biodegradable and does not cause any adverse reactions, making it a safe and effective option for wound care.


Military Blood Clotting Powder Features:

● Stops moderate to Severe Bleeding Instantly; Arterial and venous bleeding.
Can reach the deep bleeding point

● Rapid clotting
Strong wound adhesion

● Similar to human physiological pH, no stimulation
No heat generating, No chemical exothermic reaction, Not causing extra pain

● Works in hypothermic conditions and clots heparinized blood
Can be used on any part of the body

● Granular presentation provides the most diverse uses
Ease of Application & Painless Removal; Cost-effective, and capable of applying to a variety of different wounds

● Simple operation – Tear open, pour, press, pack

● Bio-material, easily degraded, never leaves procoagulant minerals or nanoparticles

Stops bleeding due to:

• Gunshot wounds
• Scalp and Limb Cuts
• Blast injuries
• Puncture and Stab wounds


Military Blood Clotting Powder has been shown to:

Save lives.
Reliably stop arterial bleeding.
Clot hypothermic blood.
Clot blood containing Warfarin or Heparin.


Military Blood Clotting Powder Parameter

Material CM-Chitosan
specification 6g/15g


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