Hemostatic Blood Clot Granules

Hemostatic Blood Clot Granules

When hemostatic blood clot granules are applied to a bleeding wound, they work to quickly form a clot by activating platelets in the blood and promoting the formation of a fibrin network.


PerfectSeal hemostatic Blood Clot Granules are stop-bleeding dressings made of zeolite material. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that has a unique structure with many tiny pores and channels that can absorb and trap liquids, including blood. When the granules are applied to a bleeding wound, the zeolite particles come into contact with the blood and form a clot, stopping the severe bleeding fast.


These zeolite hemostatic granules are often used in situations where traditional methods of bleeding control, such as pressure or sutures, are not effective or not feasible. They are commonly used in military and emergency medicine settings, as well as in veterinary medicine.


Hemostatic Blood Clot Granules Features:

* Safe, easy to use, cost-effective, and capable of applying to a variety of different wounds.
* No Exothermic reaction – Does not generate heat.
* Works in hypothermic conditions and clots heparinized blood.
* The hemostatic particles are wrapped in gauze like “sandbags”.
* Simple operation – Tear open, press, pack.

How to use hemostatic blood clot granules

1. First disinfect and clean the wound and check the size of the wound.
2. Open the package and apply firm pressure to the wound with the product until the bleeding stops. The product is highly malleable and can be adjusted appropriately in position.
3. Use bandages to wrap and seek medical help immaterially.
As for deeper penetrating wounds, according to the plasticity of the product direct pressure to the bleeding site, Until the bleeding.


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