Veterinary Tissue Adhesive Glue

Veterinary Tissue Adhesive Glue

Veterinary tissue adhesive glue quickly and conveniently close minor wounds, often eliminating the need for sutures and/or bandages. It polymerizes in seconds after contact with tissue and body fluids and binds wound edges together so natural healing can occur.


PerfectSeal® veterinary tissue adhesive glue same as 3M™ Vetbond™, which is an n-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is used to bond tissue together for veterinary procedures. In addition to treating minor wounds, it is suitable for use in a variety of procedures including cat declaws, suture/staple line sealing, tooth extractions, oral surgeries, and dewclaw removal).

Veterinary Tissue Adhesive Glue Features

Strong bond, polymerizes in seconds
Waterproof, sanitary and anti-bacterial
Free of stitch removal, natural fall-off within 5-7 days
Economical 3ml bottle with a brush applicator
Blue dye for easy-to-see drop application
This product is intended for use by pets


Veterinary Tissue Adhesive Glue Parameter

Main ingredientsN-Butyl cyanoacrylate
AppearanceLiquid Skin Blue
Shelf life24 Months


How to use veterinary tissue adhesive glue

1. Clean the wound

2. Make sure to align the wound edges and use the provided plastic applicator tip to apply a small amount of tissue adhesive glue to the cut surface of the skin, “spotting” (one drop per segment is enough), and spread evenly.

CAUTION: Do not allow Veterinary adhesive to drip into the cavity.

Use medical tape or butterfly stitches to pull the skin together around the wound in order to relieve any tension from the glue if possible.

Effect of veterinary tissue adhesive glue on animals’ wounds

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