N-butyl α-cyanoacrylate

N-butyl α-cyanoacrylate

N-butyl α-cyanoacrylate is a colorless liquid with a sharp, irritating odor. Its chief use is as the main component of medical cyanoacrylate glues.


N-butyl α-cyanoacrylate is also called enbucrilate. It is used as raw material for medical adhesives and provided to medical adhesive manufacturers.

This medical glue made of n-butyl α-cyanoacrylate can be used for surgical hemostasis and suturing, replacing needle suture surgery, so that no obvious scar is left after the skin incision is bonded, and it has hemostatic function on the wound, and It can also be used for adhesion and hemostasis of internal organs.

N-Butyl α-cyanoacrylate can rapidly polymerize with water and has an anionic surface. The product is mixed with carbolic acid for sterilization of male vas deferens.



Molecular Mass



d20 0.989

Boil Point

bp1.8 68°

Flash Point

closed cup: >176°F (>80°C)

Refractive Index

n20D 1.4424; nD25 1.


Colorless, Purple, Blue

Storage Conditions


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