Medical Strips for Cuts

Medical Strips for Cuts

Medical strips are small adhesive bandages made of flexible material that are used to cover and protect wounds or incisions on the skin.


Medical strips, also known as steri-strips or butterfly closures, are made of non-woven, rayon-backed material reinforced with filaments for strength coated with hypoallergenic adhesive, often used to close small wounds or cuts. They are often used as an alternative to stitches or staples when the wound is not too deep or severe. Adhesive tape, stitches, zipper, staples, glue to seal wound how to choose.



Color Clear
Properties Latex Free, Breathable
Application Securing, and closing small cuts and wounds
Model Size Package
PS-301 1/8 in.*3in./3*75mm 5 strips/pouch, 50pouches/box, 10boxes/ctn
PS-302 1/4 in.*1-1/2 in./6*38mm 6 strips/pouch, 50pouches/box, 10boxes/ctn
PS-303 1/4 in.*3 in./6*75mm 3 strips/pouch, 50pouches/box, 10boxes/ctn
PS-304 1/4 in.*4 in./6*100mm 10 strips/pouch, 50pouches/box, 10boxes/ctn
PS-305 1/2 in.*4 in./12*100mm 6 strips/pouch, 50pouches/box, 10boxes/ctn


How to use medical strips for cuts


First, clean the wound thoroughly with saline solution. Then, pat the area dry with a clean towel.


Apply the strips across the wound, making sure they are aligned properly and not too tight. The strips should be placed parallel to the wound and slightly overlapping, with the ends of the strips extending beyond the wound.


Medical strips should be left in place until they fall off on their own or until your doctor advises you to remove them. If the wound reopens or becomes infected, seek medical attention immediately.



Medical strips are not appropriate for all wounds, and some wounds may require other treatments. Such as tissue adhesive for wound closure.

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