Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds

Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds

Hydrocolloid patches are a type of wound dressing that is used to manage shallow to moderately deep wounds. They are made of a gel-like substance that forms a seal over the wound, creating a moist environment that helps to promote healing.


Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds are a special kind of wound dressing used in the treatment of mildly exuding wounds, like minor burns or bed sores. The dressing contains mainly hydrocolloid carboxy methyl cellulose(CMC), which is hydrophilic and has excellent absorption and exudates management. These dressings are waterproof, and unlike simpler dressings, they provide a moist and insulating environment to promote wound healing.


Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds Features:

Available in different shape
Good biocompatibility;
Difficult to form thrombus;
It is sterile and can inhibit bacteria;
Less heat is generated during curing to avoid scalding the tissue;
It can be gradually degraded, absorbed, and excreted in the tissues
It can be quickly glued to the tissue under normal temperature and pressure;


Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds Parameter

Product Type Hydrocolloid Patches for Wounds
Condition Pressure Ulcer, Skin Care, Wound Care
Department Cardiovascular, Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Medical-Surgical, Oncology, Operating Room-Surgery, Radiology, Urgent Care, Wound Care
Latex No
Pressure Ulcer Condition Type Stage 2, Stage 3
Skin Care Condition Type Moisture-Associated Skin Damage
Wound Care Condition Type Venous ulcers, I-II bedsores, Superficial and minor burn wounds, Post-op wound management, Donor Skin Sites, Superficial trauma and cosmetology and plastic surgery wound management, Granulation and epithelialization of chronic wound care.
Hydrocolloid Patches Size 5*5cm, 10*10cm, 15*15cm, 20*20cm



Before use, the wound shall be thoroughly cleaned and the wound skin shall be wiped dry.
A hydrocolloid dressing about 2cm wider than the wound edge shall be selected to ensure sufficient adhesion to the skin.
If the depth of the wound exceeds 5mm, an appropriate dressing shall be selected to fill the cavity before using hydrocolloid dressing.
This product is not suitable for wounds with a large amount of exudate.
The swelling and whitening of the dressing after absorption and expansion are normal phenomena. When absorption is saturated, it is suggested to change the dressing.
In the early stage of application of hydrocolloid dressing, it may sometimes be found that the wound is enlarged instead, which is caused by the debridement of dressing and is a normal phenomenon.
Due to the fusion of hydrocolloid molecules and exudates, the gel is formed. Sometimes it looks like purulent secretion, so it is mistaken for a wound infection. It will be fine after rising the gel with normal saline.
The use of hydrocolloid dressings sometimes produces a certain odor, which can disappear after cleaning the wound with normal saline.
If there is leakage around the dressing, please replace the dressing immediately.

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