Disposable Syringe With Needle

Disposable Syringe With Needle

A disposable syringe with a needle is a medical device used for the injection of medication or the withdrawal of fluids from the body. It consists of a plastic or glass barrel, a plunger, and a needle that is attached to the end of the barrel. The needle is usually made of stainless steel and has a sharp, beveled tip that penetrates the skin.



PerfectSeal disposable syringe with needle is a medical device, that can be used for various purposes, such as administering vaccines, injecting insulin or other medications, withdrawing blood or other bodily fluids, and administering anesthesia. It consists of a plastic barrel, a plunger, a sterile needle, and a cap,4 parts. Each syringe is individually sealed, clean, and safe.


The needles used in disposable syringes come in different sizes and lengths, and the appropriate size and length of the needle depend on the medication being administered or the type of fluid being drawn. If you don’t know which size needle to choose, you can tell us your specific use, and we will recommend the most suitable one for you.


Disposable Syringe With Needle Specification

Product Name Disposable Syringe
Syringe Size 1ml, 2ml, 3ml,5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml 60ml
Syringe Parts Four parts: a plastic barrel, a plunger, a sterile needle, and a cap
Syringe Needle 15-31G
Syringe Materials Syringe barrel: medical grade PVC
Syringe plunger: medical grade PVC
Syringe needle hub: medical grade PVC
Syringe needle cannula: stainless steel
Syringe needle cap: medical grade PVC
Syringe piston: latex/latex free
Syringe Packing Unit packing: PE or Blister
Middle packing: box
Out packing: carton
Form of packing 1pc/polybag or 1pc/blister bag
Size of packing 1ml:3000pcs/48.5*40.5*43.5cm
Store claim store in dark, dry, and clean conditions
OEM Accept
Certificate CE/ISO13485

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