Disposable IV infusion set

Disposable IV infusion set

A disposable IV infusion set is a sterile medical device to safely deliver fluids and medication to the patient and ongoing venipuncture access for blood sampling.


PerfectSeal disposable IV infusion set is a medical device that is used to administer fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream. It consists of a needle or catheter that is inserted into a vein, a tube that carries the fluid, and various connectors and clamps that control the flow of the fluid.


Types of disposable IV infusion set


  • Basic Type or Y-injection Type
  • Single Spike or Double Spikes
  • Plastic Spike or Steel Spike
  • Airvent Type
  • Bag infusion type
  • The infusion set with burrel

Options available

  • With or without air-vented spike
  • With or without a needle
  • With or without the “Y” injection port
  • Luer lock or luer slip connector


Disposable IV Infusion Set Specification


Product name Infusion sets for single use(with or without needle)
Application This product is available for the transfusion of light-sensitive drugs with a venous needle.
Tube color Transparent or elastic frosted (Customize)
Tube length 120cm,150cm(Customize)
Material Medical grade PVC; DEHP free
Needle connector Luer slip/luer lock
Shelf life 3-5 years
Certificate CE/ISO13485
Feature 1. High flexible tube prevents kink

2. various types for choice;

3. Sterile by EO gas;

4. For single use only;

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